Signe is a designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. Since he was a child, he has been fascinated by design and technology. When he was 20, he founded his own company, a design studio. Signe works for national and international clients, mostly in the technology field. Collaborations with clients such as Oculus, Accenture, Fision, MagicLab and the MIT MediaLab allow him to get a glimpse into the future. More.


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Using design fiction, Swiss graphic designer Signe illustrates how the old and once reputable economies in each US state are merged with their current specialty industries to gain new momentum – and, as a result, come up with new inventions to boost the economy. The idea is simple: innovation drives economic development and prosperity for society as a whole. Having travelled to the US, Signe also intended to deepen his knowledge about the individual 50 US states and their potential.

The Idea